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The Money Making Machine Team

Founder of the Money Making Machine (

My name is John Emmanuel. I live in s small town called Miri, located on a island called Sarawak, in a country called Malaysia. I am current married to a wonderful wife, who gave me a wonderful son.

I major in Information Technology and have explored every possible IT related fields, from Software Engineer to Hardware Engineer to Information Management. I enjoy learning, finding and exploring new things in life. When I find something useful, I will dedicate my time to perform further research and experiment to find out how its potential and how it could benefit myself as well as for the people.

I have occasionally kept myself busy with many projects and most of my time has been dedicated to finding ways to make money. When I develop or discover a theory about money, I will further research its possibilities and potential, and once I have justify its possibilities, I usually will put it to the test and do my best to develop it further.

My main interest is making money. And I have set out looking for many ways to make money, from business to investment. I have explored many possible ways to make money and will still continue to educate myself further. Life has always been full of possibilities. There are still things that I believe, have not been discovered. And I personally am dedicating my time to continue to explore and discover new things for the benefit of mankind and myself.

I am also a writer, inventor, researcher, an explorer, a rocket scientist (at heart) and a theologist. I question everything, how it is made, why things happen, and how to improve it. I occasionally keep my discoveries quiet until I fully understand them.

I have been a Currency Trader for roughly about 9 years now (I really cant remember when I started out). I believe that the Currency Market has a lot of potential to make money and could be the next best thing. The Currency Market is still at its infancy age (despite its now 2012). The Currency could possibly be a new an evolved way to make money. As we move towards our of the Industrial age, the digital can offer greater opportunity for all.

The problem I regret saying here is, that we are now experience and living in a time of the transition between the Industrial Age and the Digital Age. Our conventional education did not provide us with the necessary knowledge to evolve with the times (perhaps not in every country, but in my country we are behind 500 years in development). I wanted to help these people, especially my people who are born in Sarawak to move to a new age, whereby the opportunity within the Digital age can offer them more. This will also apply to those who are living out of Malaysia.

I would to add this, I do not claimed that I am the best in Currency Trader nor do I want to claim credit that I am better then anyone. I do know there are still better and greater people out there who can do much more then me, and perhaps even better then me.

What I am doing now right now, when I designed and developed the Money Making Machine, is to offer those people out who is looking for a Money Making solution to find extra ways to make some extra income. I believe that my Money Making Machine can offer you that. I am personally using the Money Making Machine to grow my money at home automatically and at the same time allowing me more free personal time to do what I want to do and spending more time with my family.

I understand the hardship that has been bestow upon us. But it doesn’t mean that it is not the end of the road. I believe it is just a challenge in life that we need to overcome. We are not destined to be poor the rest of our lives. God have given us the land, sea and sky, it is up to man to use that resources to survive. We choose to be poor because we gave up. So, don’t give up on life just yet. Fight your fears and live your life according to your rules.

My Goal right now is to help as many people as I could to make their lives better then it is now.


To Archive our goal, to help as many people we could by providing ideas and solution. I have established a team of innovative and creative thinkers. What we do occasionally, is that we would come together to discuss on great ideas. We test out our ideas, to see if the idea is feasible and worthwhile. A lot of the things we do in our team is based on Ideas and Experience. Once we come out with and idea, we try it out.

As cheesy as it sounds, we actually have not properly finalized a team name. We are actually too engage in our activities, experimentation and exploration that the name for our team, actually doesn’t matter for now.

In case you are wondering who is in our team. We consist of a group of people who specialized in different areas. We have people how does finance, business, trading, marketing, information management, technology, educators, and traders. Perhaps, that is one of the reason why we don’t really brother of team name for the moment cause everyone of us are technically too occupied or simply too busy enjoying their discovery.

Thanks & Regards,
John Emmanuel